"who else wants to model the business strategies that i used to take my business firmly into the 'safe and Secure' income level?"
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Introducing Tony Shepherd's...
"Breaking The Rules"
My  earn as you go Six-Module Course finally reveals The Carefully Crafted strategies you maybe suspected was going on In My Business but weren't quite sure :)

(I've NEVER shared this information before - Exactly WHAT I do and WHY I do it! )

"...With nO learning curve, and start seeing actual (Spendable) results in just DAYS"
(This is the stuff  i've always kept very close to my chest)

For the first time EVER I'm sharing the 'why does he do that?'  Strategies that make me thousands each week, working just a few hours a day

A quick message from Tony Shepherd...

You ever wonder why my publications are priced as they are, with some of them using the one-click 'order bump' option, some of them arriving bundled with other offers and some on 24 hour specials?

You might think it's a pricing 'sweetspot' that I've tested, and you'd be right that I have tested it, but that isn't the reason for this pricing position - the REAL reason is much more clever and profitable. And I'm going to reveal everything :)

Maybe you've even wondered why I sometimes sell white label rights? Surely doing so will devalue my products?

You'd be wrong, AND you'd be ALSO nicely surprised - and the truth is much more interesting, and again much more profitable than you think...

Those two examples are all about positioning and profit maximisation. It's also very simple to do and can be replicated by anyone.

Or perhaps you're intrigued by my emailing schedule, my list size or how the profits from my email marketing actually work?

Well the truth is that I probably don't do things for the reasons you think I do.

I've spent ten years building one of the most responsive lists in internet marketing so I know my trade inside out. I'll share everything I know with you

And when it comes to selling, perhaps you've recently been puzzled about why I often open and close my products for set time intervals and then at other times leave them constantly open, and what does that do to my profits?

Actually this is an amazingly effective profit model IF you do it correctly. 

You only need a couple of products (not even your own - affiliate products will do - I'll show you how) and with the right information and you can replicate exactly what I do.

But I'll share the REAL secret of constantly high sales conversions with you

HINT: It's all about misdirection!

(Although you'd never guess the actual secret if I didn't tell you. In fact this is one of the things that I TRULY 'stumbled upon' a little while back) 

It's a game-changer when you see behind the scenes :)

In fact it's ALL the behind the scenes stuff that I promise will knock your socks off

It's my favourite part of the whole course and I'm going to share EVERYTHING.

But let's get something out in the open first...

You Can ALWAYS build your business in your own way, Regardless Of What 'Experts' Say!
Even if expert after expert says you MUST do something a certain way, then - quite frankly - you've been lied to and they have no business saying that. No one has.

Which is why I devised the strategies in 'Breaking The Rules'

Because it's a pain in the arse doing something for a living if you don't enjoy large chunks of it. It also means you're more likely to quit before you find success.

So I found ways that allow me to get the same success, enjoy my life and my business but without any stress involved

and YOU can use my exact same strategies to shortcut where you want to go on your oWN terms too!
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Price $197 $97 (one-time payment)
so what's the thinking behind the course?

My 6 module strategy course is my 'brain dump' where I've finally got down into paper how you don't have to compete with the rest of the herd to be more successful, make more money AND have more free time!

More than that, it's how I've been able to use the exact same blueprint I'm going to share with you to make hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing things my own way and quite simply IGNORING the advice of anyone who said I couldn't

And you can use any or all of these strategies in your own business starting today OR to build something from the ground up if you've not created a business yet
You'll probably have noticed I do things differently to most marketers, as I mentioned above, but there's much more that happens behind the scenes of my business that NO ONE has ever seen before now.

And that's what I want to share with you today...

Strategies like my brand-new 'self-perpetuating traffic system', which means I have to buy much LESS traffic now than I've ever done before. I'll share everything with you so you can get a head start.

It's totally simple yet most marketers don't seem to be aware of it.

And I'm going to share ALL of that with you. 

Maybe you wondered about my online payment processing and why I've moved away from Paypal as my sole processor?  What's the effect been on my bottom line?

Changing my payment processor to focus on card payments has had a hugely positive impact on my profit. It's also very easy to do. 

I'll share exactly what I do, exactly how I do it, and more importantly - WHY I do it

Included in this is what I genuinely feel is 'must-have information' for anyone with an online business. 

It's something that I think you need to know.

Maybe you've wondered exactly how I've positioned my core products to maximise profit and where exactly that profit comes from? Prices, conversions and everything...

As well as everything else above, I'm also sharing...

>> The hidden BUY signals in my emails that work every time

>> How I know that EVERYTHING I create will bring In a Minimum of Four Figures

>> The one type of product that will sell every time in ANY funnel

>> Why my subscribers feel they know me and the effect that has on my profits

>> How to brand yourself so you position your COMPETITION when you position yourself

>> My main traffic tactic, and why I've never had to worry about it

>> Recurring income - the easiest and fastest method I've ever used

>> When I write a promo email - the hidden meanings, the hidden outcome

>> My hand-crafted million-dollar (yep really) templates

>> Where I get my source material for emails

>> Where I generate my ideas for products (TOP secret and not where you think)

>> My most profitable formulas that you've never noticed

>> My Simple Four And Five Figure Product Strategy (That no one else seems to use!)

>> Why I don't make videos and how I've turned that into a BIG profit

>> The simple two-page site for getting subscribers that I have never shared before

>> How my work day flows. The 3 daily tasks that bring in money (can be modelled)

>> My 'Cash in 5 Hours' Strategy

And GENUINELY much more...

You can cherry-pick which of the strategies in my course you want to use or you can follow the entire course and set up a system like mine on YOUR terms

(either way you're going to make some BIG changes!)

so what's included?

Well I'm making this six-module course available to you for a one-off price NOT a subscription fee as many marketers would, and I'm purposely keeping it affordable so the people who need it the most can have access

You get instant access to the entire course in the download area in PDF format so you can earn from your business as you build it at your own pace (I'll show you exactly how that works in the course)

You can start using the strategies immediately in your own business OR to help you create your own business.

Each module is compact and sans-fluff so you can implement the strategies quickly and be ready to move on with the next part of your business. I realise that the majority of people who enrol on my course will also be working full-time so it's geared around you having enough time to build your business yet work at your own speed.

Don't forget this isn't like being back at school - you're building an actual, real online business and banking the profits as you go

This is a FULL six-module course that includes ALL my current strategies and everything I've learned but never before shared about how to create and run a successful online business IN YOUR OWN STYLE.

Why is 'Breaking The Rules' Different?

Because most marketers would NEVER share their innermost business secrets with their subscribers, even though that's the information that will help them the MOST.

I'm different - I don't mind being totally transparent because not only will it help YOU massively, but it'll also push my trust ratings through the roof, and that's good for my business!

Surely you'd rather get PROVEN, WORKING Strategies from someone you KNOW does things his own way and is willing to show you exactly how you can use the exact same strategies?

Too many internet teachers seem to think you can find an extra 20 hours a week on TOP of your job to put into your internet marketing business. I don't - I've been through everything you're about to start and know exactly what challenges you'll hit and how to overcome them. So I've geared this up to getting you moving as quickly as possible while seeing (actual money) results as quickly as possible!

My strategies have come about because I've had to support a family while doing this so I had no choice but to work smart rather than hard.

I'll also show you how you don't have to be a brash marketer, confidant salesman or charismatic frontman (or woman) to become very successful on your own terms.

Most wannabe marketers don't get anywhere doing this because it's just not natural to them. You cant force it, right?

Well neither could I, which is why I devised my strategies - so I no longer needed to do anything I didn't want to.

I Broke almost every rule I was told I MUST do!

And it WORKS!

Just GRAB THESE STRATEGIES WITH BOTH HANDS, because they're game changers.

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Price $197 $97 (one-time payment)

is this really only available to subscribers??
YES 'Breaking The Rules' is REALLY only available to my subscribers.

You know me by now and you know I'm true to my word.

No one outside my subscriber list gets access to any of my products any more.

Even when I use affiliates, leads will HAVE to subscribe before they're able to purchase (and yes this is another one of my strategies that I'll explain fully in the course!)

So why?

Because I want to make sure you have a big advantage over your competitors

Because this info is wasted on most of the 'churn and burn' buyers out there

And because it's one of the strategies that has increased my income noticeably over the past year (and YES I'll explain exactly how it works on the inside!)

And because the more I give, the more I get back.

is this different to 'flipping the switch' and my other publications and courses?
YES - absolutely different.

'Breaking The Rules' contains information that I have NEVER released before.

We're talking everything from small, clever tweaks and simple methods that you've probably never seen before right through to larger strategies and complete money-making methods.

So what exactly am I going to show you?
Well first off I'm NOT going to show you any theory.

You'll find out what works for me

This is all coal-face, in-the-trenches practical information.

EVERY SINGLE THING I show you is currently being used in my business, and is generating income for me.

You'll discover how NOT following the herd can be the most profitable thing you ever did with your online business.

You can start using these strategies in your existing business TODAY or if you've not yet built a business, you can use the course to build an income stream that works for YOU from the ground up!

Small, simple and focused - I'll show you exactly what to do.

So I'm going to share with you what I know (from experience) to be the single most effective strategies. systems and tweaks for doing things your OWN WAY. 

You can watch the herd charging towards you, gently step into a doorway while they pass,  then start walking slowly in the opposite direction towards SUCCESS.

I'll share secrets ( and I do think some of them genuinely ARE secrets) that I've learned about copywriting, conversions, traffic, formulas for generating money on demand, how to produce 'pay the bills' cash to take the pressure off while you concentrate on making big money.

We'll also go into mindset and attitude which is a massive part of finding success with your online business. We'll look at how to break free from the mindset limitations you probably don't even know you have (life-changing stuff) and how to acquire and keep a million dollar mindset even if you choose to 'only' earn five figures a month.

I'm going to rip my business WIDE OPEN so you can have a good old rummage round inside it!

I've been called a Super-Affiliate, an Internet Marketing Rockstar and even a Six-Figure Wookie! 

And if you'll allow me, I'd like to show you how I do what I do so you can cherry-pick the parts that are right for your personality, strengths and business setup.

Is this for me, tony?

Obviously I can't answer that, but I can tell you what you'll get out of my course if you put the work in...

You genuinely won't have to include ANY aspects in your business that you don't want to do and you'll be able to watch it grow and profit without worrying about the latest trends and fads unless you want to

You'll finally feel like your business is about YOU and not some phoney fake it till you make it personality and trust me, your new customers and subscribers will be able to spot that you're genuine a mile away, and they'll love you for it.

You'll actually have proven strategies to work from that you can include in your own business. I'll show you examples of how I use these and exactly where they fit into my business

You'll begin to see the difference an additional income stream (or five) can make to your life, in terms of time, freedom and less fear. For me this is the most important thing about this course

You'll start to really understand the possibilities of life when you're freed up from your 9-5 job, debt, and worry because you're working towards being financially self-sufficient.

you can wait another year to see what happens with your life or you can start changing your life two minutes from now!

I don't have to tell you about the state of world finances at the moment because there are few people it hasn't hit in one way or another - whether it's the price of food, your utility bills, mortgage or rent payment worries or just the uncertainty of it all, there's no getting away from the fact that things are getting worse by the day

If, like most people, your source of income comes from one person (your boss) or company, there's a very real possibility that in today's world your entire source of income just gets switched off because one day you become too big an expense for your employer.

You could get sacked without a second thought if things get tight where you work.

And the person who sacked you would probably have forgotten all about it by the time he gets home

Your life on the other hand, could shattered!

But it doesn't have to be like that.

Don't you owe it to yourself and your family to have some kind of security? The kind of security other people can't take away from you on a whim?

You're not going to get this information anywhere else or from anyone else

I do things a little differently...

I don't 'do' launches - all my new products are offered very successfully through my in-house funnels

...and I don't have to jump on the launch merry go round like most marketers do.

Which means I can spend time promoting my OWN products to my OWN subscribers and provide far better service and give much more value, and that has resulted in a BIG hike in my income over the past 12 months.

I'll show you how to get to this point too if that's what you want. 

I'm offering you the freedom... 
you just have to decide how to use it!
Let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

You may have heard me say that before :)

I'm an internet marketer and I make money by teaching others the skills I have acquired over the years - the skills to create their own online business and to become as financially self-sufficient as they wish.

I can't guarantee you'll succeed if you enrol on my course because I can't make you do the work that's required - I'm not your mum - but I can promise you that by the end of this short course you'll have everything you need to do what I do, and earn what I earn.

I can hand that to you, starting in about 2 minutes if you wish.

The choice is yours.

See you on the inside... 

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Price $197 $97 (one-time payment)
P.S. Ask yourself this:

Isn't It Finally Time To Start Changing Things For Yourself?

Most people stay trapped where they are because they sit around and complain and yet do nothing to change their situation

And as I always say, you have my respect because you took the time to read what I have to say to you.... thank you

....you’ve already started to take action, and that deserves respect.

Here's my personal email address and feel free to use it - I hope we’ll speak soon


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