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Free Traffic Strategy That Can Be Set Up Just Once And Will Provide Constant Ongoing Free Traffic?
after years of trying so many fake systems, flawed loopholes, impossibly difficult SEO techniques, illegal hacks and useless social media shortcuts, don't you finally deserve to hear about a strategy that actually works? 
'My set and forget' 
free traffic Method
*Yes that means once you set it running it delivers free traffic forever 
with just some minor tweaking needed from time to time
Introducing Tony Shepherd's...
This workshop reveals the exact same proven free traffic system that I used in the past to build a 20,000 list and make tens of thousands of dollars in sales
...AND the tweaked, new and updated version that I'm Re-installing in my OWN current Business this year...
A quick message from Tony Shepherd...

If you've ever struggled with traffic or with finding a source of free leads, clicks and visitors then read on...

Get instant access - within 2 minutes - to my brand-new FREE TRAFFIC STRATEGY WORKSHOP. 

I'm offering to show you the exact free traffic strategy i'm currently installing in my business to build my list and sell my product that doesn't involve buying ANY traffic!

Yes I'm totally aware I'm making some really big claims here.

But I'm not going to put my reputation on the line by promising something I can't deliver. 

I make six figures a year from my online business working just a couple of hours a day and I've helped hundreds of people to build life-changing income streams, quit their jobs or start their journey to financial self-sufficiency

You already know me as someone who delivers the highest quality online strategies, little-known systems and unique approaches.

And my free traffic strategy method is the same.

It's proven and it WORKS - I'll show you EXACTLY how I've used it in the past AND how I'll soon be using it again in my current business, and although it might not work in a way you're expecting, it can truly be a game-changer in terms of your business. It really was for me - it allowed me to build a list which tuned my business from just plodding along to becoming very profitable.

I'll explain why I haven't used it for a while (Hint: I didn't need to) and why I'm reintroducing it back into my current business alongside my existing* paid traffic strategy.
*I won't be dumping my strategy of buying paid solo ads forever anytime soon - that still works well for me and it's fast. My free traffic method will run alongside yet totally separate from my paid solos. But what about you? Well if you decide to replicate my free traffic strategy you simply won't need to buy traffic in any form (unless you want to of course). Using my free traffic method will provide all the traffic you need at no cost once it's set up. There is no need to use paid solo ads.
And if you decide to use this, I'll show you exactly how you can set it up in your own existing business OR build it into a brand-new business when you're ready to go.

All I ask in return is a little leeway in your thinking.

Because this isn't some mythical 'traffic stream' you can just tap into - they simply don't exist in any real sense - instead it's a proven, clever and highly effective way of building a funnel so that if you do it correctly, will provide you with ongoing free traffic and you'll never have to pay for traffic again or scrabble around for clicks along with every other traffic-challenged marketer.

So as I said earlier, this is a 3-Module Workshop to show you the free traffic system that I first used several years ago to build a list of 20,000 subscribers and buyers (it made me thousands of dollars in sales too) that didn't cost me a penny, and then again last year to add another 5,000 new subscribers to my list.

The slightly newer, tweaked version of my Proven Free Traffic System is the very same method I'm about to plug into my existing business right now
So I'll cut to the chase and tell you exactly what I'm offering and you can decide whether you want to find out more or continue with the traffic method you're using at the moment...
This is NOT some loophole or hack.
What I'm going to share with you is based on solid business practices.

This is not some 'loophole' which would stop working in 2 months when the loophole is closed or the shortcut becomes public knowledge

Nor does it rely on any sort of social media account, channel or site that could de-platform you at any moment.

You don't have to create fake accounts, create any Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube or other social media accounts, or do daft things like buy dozens of SIM cards to verify phoney gmail accounts or any of the dubious so-called free traffic methods that you might have come across before.

It doesn't even involve any of those 'workable but near-impossible to get right' strategies such as SEO or Pay Per Click where the goalposts are moved every five minutes.

You don't have to write fake reviews, pen 50 articles a day, pretend to be someone you're not, do something that isn't true or do ANYTHING remotely questionable or iffy.

There is nothing here you'll feel uncomfortable with.

This is a legitimate business strategy that is VASTLY underused by most marketers, yet every time I've recognised this strategy being used by someone else (it's not always easy to spot) it always seems to be working incredibly well.

i'll show you PROOF that this can provide perpetually free traffic
Another big claim, but I reckon I can show you how my strategy can provide perpetual, ongoing free traffic under its own steam once you set it running.

And although once you see the overview you'll know immediately for yourself that this strategy is extremely effective and clever, I'll still show you proof of exactly how it will work in my business

Once you give it a kick to start it up it will keep generating traffic for you as long as you want with minimal maintenance.

If you have even a small list, or any sort of following or audience that is related to your IM business that's probably all the 'kick' you'll need, if you have no list you might need $50 or so seed money to act as your kick, but once it's up and running it's basically self-perpetuating. 

That means it'll continue to generate free traffic for you without too much interference apart from monitoring the clicks sent and tweaking the strategy from time to time.

I'll show you exactly how I used this method years ago, and I'll show you exactly how I  use this in my current business.

Even if you don't want to use the full bells and whistles system for yourself think how much you could accomplish with even a hundred new subscribers, clicks or buyers each month?

You can choose to build this as simple or complex as you want, as long as the key components are in place.

The actual system I use myself 
Remember this is the actual free traffic system that I use in my own business, and I'm sharing these secrets so you can see exactly how I've put it together and understand the thinking and strategies behind it

The (extremely HUGE) upside is that you'll be able to take, and USE my free traffic method immediately after you've absorbed the information contained in this publication AND START USING IT TODAY.

This is YOUR chance to use the exact same FREE TRAFFIC METHOD that I use myself
Questions and Answers:
Q. Why have you created a free traffic product after years of only recommending using paid traffic?

A. I purposely stayed well away from free traffic systems because there's so much fake information out there that simply doesn't work, or if it does work it requires expert-level knowledge - things such as SEO or pay per click simply won't work for most people because they don't have the required skill - me included. Even most SEO experts I know are having trouble ranking their sites.

I'm not interested in finding loopholes or shortcuts so decided to stay away from creating products about traffic until I had something that I KNOW for a fact works and is based on a solid, ethical and proven system This is that system.

Paid traffic still works well for me. I'll run both systems alongside each other. They're independent and you can use one or both. But I recognise that paid traffic isn't for everyone which is why I'm sharing my free traffic system. 

Q. Does your strategy really create free traffic?

A. Yes it does. If you have even a small list or audience such as a following on social media that is related to your business you can start this for free. If you have no list or audience and decide to use my strategy you might need to kickstart my system with a little 'seed' money but once it's up and running it should self-perpetuate and create it's own traffic on an ongoing basis.

Q. Is it hard to set up?

A. You'll need to create a few pages and do some linking but I'll show you exactly how that works, including in my own business - both how I used this in the past and how I'll be using it in my current business. I don't hide anything. There is some work involved but it's a one-off task. Once it's done you're good to go.

Q. Will this work in any niche?

A. No I don't think so. I've only ever tried it in the Make Money Online, PLR, product creation, affiliate marketing, coaching, blogging type of niches - the usual sort of areas I create products and operate in - and it's worked perfectly. My feeling is it wouldn't work well in other niches, but you might be able to tweak it. Honestly if you're in a niche far outside the MMO niche I don't think this is for you. For example I couldn't see this working for our other business in the jewellery/art niche.

Q. What will I need?

A. You'll need the usual online setup such as a way to build and host pages, an autoresponder service such as Getresponse, Aweber or equivalent, at least one product you own or have rights to sell, a way to take payments such as PayPal or a merchant account, and maybe 15 minutes a day to check your stats, check your Paypal account and do any necessary tweaks or admin once your system is set up.

Q. How long will this take me to set up?

A. Depends on how fast you can create a handful of pages, some basic content and do some linking. I'm slow and this will take me a day or two to put together around my existing business. If you're starting from scratch a bit longer because you'll have to create some content - maybe a couple of days. If you're fast or already have an online business probably just a day or even a morning. Personally I'd make a pot of coffee and enjoy it - I think its an interesting process. 

Q. How long before I start seeing results?

A. It all depends on your personal setup. The first time I ever set this up I was getting actual results within days. Most people I've taught this to see results within a week. It's slower than paid traffic but it's 100% less expensive :)

Q. Do other marketers know about this strategy?

A. Yes, although I don't see it used anywhere near as much as I used to. I've seen this strategy make literally millions of dollars for marketers I personally know, and yet newer marketers don't seem to be aware of it or prefer to search for magic bullets or shortcuts. A significant number of people I've shown this to in the past had no idea it even existed as a thing.

Q. Is this software or an app?

A. Absolutely not - this isn't software or a plugin or an app. It is purely about strategically setting up a system that works within your business, as part of your business that will generate free traffic to build your list, and to your sales pages.

Q. Is this a complicated system?

A. No - it's really simple idea which is why it works. The actual setting up takes a little work, but in my opinion it's FAR easier than all the convoluted tricks and adaptations that go into most so-called free traffic methods. This won't break on you after a few days. This is genuinely a system than self-perpetuates and brings in ongoing traffic without you having to do anything. It's not as sexy as a Facebook hack or Google loophole but I guarantee it's less of a headache and it'll last longer. Even better, YOU control it. You can't be de-platformed or have some channel or group taken away from you.

Q. Will this work for me if I only usually do affiliate marketing??

A. No - you WILL need to have a product that you own or have the rights to sell and keep 100% of the profits for. This won't work if you're selling products ONLY as an affiliate.  BUT: If 99% of your existing income comes from affiliate sales and you're willing to create a simple product (or buy the rights for one) and lead magnet then not only will my free traffic system system work for you...

...but it will provide FREE TRAFFIC that you can use to send to the affiliate offers you promote and increase your income.

The traffic from this strategy is how I established myself as a respected affiliate some years ago.

So no, unless you're a certified couch potato you should be able to create the content you need, perhaps even FROM your couch! Done it myself :)

Q. If your free traffic strategy is so effective why are you sharing it? 

A. Firstly because that's what I do - I freely share clever, proven and workable strategies as you'll know if you've bought anything from me before

Secondly because when I DO share information like this it enhances my reputation as a clever, honest and above-average marketer.

Thirdly, because it won't be going out to huge numbers of people - you probably already know that I don't do outside launches so my products are only ever offered to my own list (and anyway in my opinion this method can't saturate)

And fourthly I'm sharing it because writing about the strategies I use and selling them is what my business is about. In short, I make money from sharing my quality strategies. I love doing it too.

Q. Do you still use solo ads?
A. Yes. I use both sources of traffic in the future but I've put this free traffic system together because I am extremely aware that FREE TRAFFIC is all that some people can afford.

This is why I'm sharing this method.

Q. So what's involved?
A. Well if you decide to use my strategy you'll have to set up a small infrastructure within your existing business to generate this free traffic and (more importantly) to make it self-generating so your free traffic keeps coming.

You'll need to build a handful of pages and put a few things in place such as linking but I'll show you exactly how I do it. If you don't yet have a current business operating that's possibly even better - you can build this free traffic strategy into your business from day one.

If you already have hosting, an autoresponder and a way to create pages it'll cost you nothing or very little. 

Anything that allows you to build pages - ClickFunnels, Wordpress, Builderall or similar will do. If you already build sales pages, delivery pages, squeeze pages etc, then you'll be fine.

As I said earlier you'll also need your own product. Don't worry about having to make anything complex though - I only ever create stuff in PDF format and this has worked VERY well for me so if you can put together a 30 page PDF or get the rights to sell something decent you'll also be fine.

You'll be building a list from your free traffic (you'd be insane not to build a list from ANY traffic) so you'll need the usual Aweber or Getresponse type of account.

If you DON'T have the above stuff you'll have to get it.

And that's about it.

You might need a little seed money. $50-$100 should do at the most. You can start without this seed money but it'll take a bit longer. This seed money is also a one-off NOT an ongoing cost.

The whole thing should take a day or two to set up at most.

IMPORTANT - The truth is you've been lied to about free traffic in the past
Generating FREE TRAFFIC is bloody hard work IF you try to do it without being a genuine, ethical marketer or without using genuine systems that benefit the TRAFFIC as well as the marketer. That's where most traffic systems fall down.

I'm guessing that most free traffic systems you've bought up until now are based upon manipulation?

Perhaps manipulating social media platforms in ways that are technically illegal, feel horribly unethical or that simply break terms and conditions by manipulating people into clicking links to go to your sites?

These don't work because they're based on deception.

We've all had it happen to us. You suddenly find yourself on a page or confronted by an ad that has precisely ZERO to do with the thing you were searching for or the activity you were undertaking.

This doesn't make you want to buy or opt-in.

It makes you bloody angry and at best you leave the page immediately or at worst report them to the relevant platform.

Free traffic 'solutions' like this just don't work.

They almost certainly never work long-term for sure.

They're risky for your business too - anything based on loopholes or shortcuts are quickly closed down, get you de-platformed or stopped because they are illegal.

And when you use dodgy methods at very best you end up with a bad reputation.

My Free Traffic System is like me - extremely effective, honest and profitable...but not very sexy :)
So what I'm offering you here is a free traffic system that is 100% ethical, based on solid business practise and that I know and can prove actually works.

I can't give you some secret URL where you can simply plug in free traffic to your site because they don't exist. If that's what you're expecting this isn't for you.

But I CAN show you exactly how to set up a free traffic system that you OWN, that no-one can take away from you, that isn't at risk from being de-platformed for breaking any third-party terms and that produces actual INCOME from the free traffic you get

(I forgot to say the quality of the traffic is usually quite high, and  receptive)

Remember, not only will I showing you EXACTLY how this has worked for me in the PAST including actual pages, wording, stats, numbers and even old pictures with me with more hair!...

I'll also be showing you exactly how I'll be installing my FREE TRAFFIC system in my business this year, including the pages I'll be building, the wording I'll be using AND the actual platforms and tech I'll be using...

let me change things for you starting RIGHT NOW...
Listen up - I can actually GIVE you what others promise but can't deliver - a genuine free traffic system that you can use in your own internet marketing business.

It's probably not going to give you an immediate orgasm because it's not the sexiest thing on the planet. 

But when you realise that it actually delivers what it says - you'll understand that you will have the knowledge to create a system the provides real free traffic to your business, and that is a POWERFUL thing.

Not only can it free you up from worrying about getting traffic to your offers, building your list and mailing your customers...

...But it also means you don't feel the nagging risks involved with needing to buy traffic, cover costs and make the numbers stack.
Get 'Free Traffic Workshop' Below:



  • 3 Module Workshop
  • 3 Weeks Accountability 

*Send me your weekly targets and goals and each week I'll (gently) hold you to account and keep you on track



  • 3 Module Workshop
  • 3 Weeks Accountability 

*Send me your weekly targets and goals and each week I'll (gently) hold you to account and keep you on track

  • One In-Depth Email Appraisal of Your Business or Business Plan

*I'll do a marketing and strategy appraisal and give you my insights into your business (or business plan if you're still at planning stage) suggest changes, offer advice and include my suggested action plan



  • 3 Module Workshop
  • 3 Weeks Accountability 

*Send me your weekly targets and goals and each week I'll (gently) hold you to account and keep you on track

  • One In-Depth Email Appraisal of Your Business or Business Plan

*I'll do a marketing and strategy appraisal and give you my insights into your business (or business plan if you're still at planning stage) suggest changes, offer advice and include my suggested action plan

  • 3 Weeks (Mon-Thurs) Personal email coaching and support to help you implement and action this strategy

*This is where we can work together to build the strategies into your business system, ideas and income-generating system. I will personally reply to your emails, advise on strategy, help with your decision making (should you require), evaluate and advise on your sales pages, lead generation processes and any other areas of your business that you wish.

P.S. You get instant access to all three modules.

Each module will show you precisely how I set up my free traffic system from start to finish, and what you need to do if you want to use the same strategy, including what you need to create and how to use the free traffic generated for best effect (for me that is building a large list and making ongoing sales)

The workshop will show you not only how I used this system in the past and how I will be using it in my current business but also how YOU can replicate it for your own use.

We're not just talking about a genuine free traffic system - you're getting a full walkthrough of how I use this 100% free traffic in my own current business.

By the time you have completed the workshop you will have the knowledge to create a self-perpetuating free traffic system in your own business, eliminating one of the biggest problems faced by online marketers - where to get traffic.

You can use this knowledge to maximise your sales, grow your business and out-sell your competition, and have the skills and knowledge to do so on an ongoing basis. 
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