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"Who Else Wants To Know Exactly How To Turn Internet Content Into A Four Or Five Figure MONTHLY Income?"
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(even if you've never written anything in your life before)
My earn as you go THREE Module Workshop finally reveals how and where i source the pro-quality content that gets my emails opened, My Links Clicked and made me hundreds of thousands of dollars working from home

In This workshop I Share Exactly WHAT I do and WHY I do it, where I find the pro Quality content that has got me a reputation as one of the most interesting and unique internet marketers.

"How to Quickly And Easily find and profit from content that you can multi-purpose in your business that will engage your subscribers, get your content read and your sales skyrocketed..."
For the first time EVER I'm sharing the ''Where Does He Find That?'  Strategies that make me thousands each week, working just a few hours a day

A quick message from Tony Shepherd...

If you're on my list you've probably read my unique emails...

They're pretty well-known in the internet marketing world

Subjects ranging from slum tourism to the true story of Dr Gay Hitler

From the gruesome case of Elmer McCurdy right through to the freaky theory that Megalodon sharks possibly still roam the seas

I've gone from the death-bed words of Johnny Cash directly into a sales pitch for my publication about how to create a core profit strategy in your online business

I've even gone seamlessly from an email about how a man was almost suffocated by his girlfriend's ample breasts into a sales pitch for my book about how to replace your salary with an online income that brought me tens of thousands of dollars.

Silly stories right?

No - absolutely not -  there's nothing silly about watching money plop into your PayPal account after sending a story out to your email list

Because there's a reason I use content in the way that I do. 

These are marketing strategies I use to make sell my own products, make commissions and  build relationships with my buyers and brand myself as a top-flight content marketer.

Weird content though?

Well maybe :)

But that same weird content brings me a six-figure yearly income and has been responsible for my dream lifestyle and working from home just a few hours a day.

So here's the truth behind these stories...

They allow me to mail my list almost every day of the year and not lose subscribers.

They allow me to add stories to my salespages, my products, my Facebook and blog posts and every other bit of content I create.

And they allow me to SELL CONSTANTLY without alienating or pushing away my readers because adding a sales link to a story is the easiest way to make a sale that I've ever come across!

why is content so Vital?
Content is the reason we buy products and services - it's as simple as that.

If you can supply creative, interesting and addictive content you can sell anything you wish, to anyone and at any time - either your own products OR as an affiliate.

I've done both very successfully.

So let's talk about content for a second...

It's the reason we follow marketers, bloggers, writers, YouTubers and other experts and it's the reason we open their emails, read their Tweets, Like their Facebook posts and click on their links

It's the reason we buy their books, follow their recommendations, listen to their music, watch their videos, download their podcasts and generally buy their stuff.

It's all about content.

And If you can deliver engaging, interesting and appealing content then selling becomes SIMPLE, whether they're your own products, or making commissions as an affiliate.

the myth about 'proper' content
You might have been told by 'experts' that you must TEACH with your content?

Whether it's in the emails to your list, the posts on your blog, on your Facebook page or however you communicate.

They say you must teach and inspire.

But I'm telling you now -  that advice is not only outdated and dangerously WRONG but it's also very unlikely to work for you.

I've made more money from stories about horny nuns than I have from emails teaching how to split test sales pages!

You must entertain first.

Think about the most highly paid people in our society


Authors, singers, comedians, actors, writers...

They provide entertaining content that people return for again and again

And once their status as a provider of interesting content is cemented, THEN they sell.

Don't get me wrong, I DO teach and I do it VERY well.

But only in my PAID PRODUCTS

(Which are sold using content about the dark history of wristwatches or what happens when robots kill)

Part of what you'll learn in this course is the POWER of separating when to entertain and when to sell. 

It's VITAL that you know this.

I'll show you exactly how I do it.

I'll also show you exactly where to source content that you can use in all areas of your business for maximum profit!
Don't make the mistake of thinking you can't use my sources and strategies in your PAID products too...

You absolutely can!

If you've read any of my courses you'll know that stories are some of the best ways of teaching. What could be better to emphasis your point than a well-sourced story or example?

And even better it's ready-made content you can LEGALLY use as you wish. I'll show you a few journalistic techniques that give you carte blanche to use pretty much any content you like for any purpose without worrying about copyright or intellectual property laws.

I'll show you where to get it and how to use it.

I'll show you how to turn content about everything from Fidel Castro's crocodiles to the gruesome truth about Madame Tussaud into profit for YOUR business.

Of course I'll ALSO show you where to get content that you can use to teach, inform and educate too - that's is ALSO there for the taking when you know where to look.

I'm offering you a MASSIVE advantage over 95% of your competitors
VERY few marketers realise the power and potential of using good, entertaining content in their business

So what I'm offering here is a shortcut - a huge advantage.

I'll show you how to use it in YOUR business to instantly set your content apart from the usual bland content that most marketers use.

And remember this is ready-made content you can LEGALLY use as you wish for pretty much any purpose.

I'll show you where to get it and how to use it.

Can't anyone find these sources and do the same?
If you know where to look you MIGHT find the content, if you were lucky or put in a lot of time. 

They're not hidden, but the chances are you wouldn't recognise them if you did stumble across them anyway, because of the processes I use to make them unique and my own (I'll reveal everything in this workshop) or to allow me to us them as they are.

And even if you DID find the sources I use you'd possibly use the wrong KIND of content and that could be disastrous. (I'll show you how to select and reject the right kind of content)

There's a fine line between being entertaining and being offensive

There is some content I will never TOUCH because it could destroy my business overnight by offending my readers.

Don't worry I'll share this with you - how to keep safe, how to avoid being bland without upsetting your customer base

Because the OTHER extreme can be just as bad for your business

There is nothing worse than BORING content for killing sales and your reputation.

In fact being boring is probably worse than being offensive so it's vital to realise when your content is yawn-making

(I'll show you how I do that too)

I'll show you how I construct content that is fascinating and pulls the reader in even if I know nothing about the subject I'm writing about

Because the truth is that MOST of the 'weird' content I write about is on subjects I've never come across before

I'll show you how to switch from content into sales mode too
Knowing WHEN to ask for the sale and HOW to ask for the sale is vital so I'll cover ALL of that in this course too.

I'll show you actual examples if how I do this, how it's timed to maximise profits, my 'rule of three' that makes selling seamless and what you must never do if you want to sell using content.

I'll ALSO reveal what goes on 'behind the scenes' that you could never figure out from just reading my emails or other content.
Although it looks casual I DON'T just send out random content and hope to make sales.

There's a lot of method behind my apparent madness that is specifically constructed to maximise my conversions, my income and (of VITAL importance) my repeat sales.

This isn't just about selling.

This is about selling again and again to returning rabid buyers while at the SAME TIME pulling new subscribers into my ethos and priming them to buy.

Think about this:

I wouldn't have spent TEN YEARS sending out emails and writing content like I do unless it was bringing in a LOT of money for me, right?

And it certainly is.

I can show you how to locate and source content that can turn your business into a well-oiled online profit machine.

It's FAST too.

In fact it's the reason I can make a very comfortable full-time living from simply spending 20 minutes a day crafting a story or message.

let me change things for you starting RIGHT NOW
Listen up - I can teach you something here that NO OTHER INTERNET MARKETER IS ABLE TO DO - because my emails and content are unique. 

You just don't see emails like mine from any other marketer right?

That's because what you're about to learn is unique to this workshop

And what's more, by using the sources and strategies in this course,  you will discover how to make YOUR content unique too - where ever you decide to use it.

Secure Your Place Now
You get immediate access to ALL modules so you can absorb them in your own time and STILL get full access to me for support, ideas and help for three weeks.

Each module will show you precisely WHERE I obtain the content that make my emails, products and other content very different to most others in the internet marketing sphere and HOW I select and use this content to maximum effect.

The workshop will show you not only WHERE to find the content but will explain the thinking and strategies behind WHY I use it so YOU can do exactly the same.

You will have access to the exact same sources, content and information that I use my own content AND you'll also discover how to use it to increase your profits, grow your business, build your brand and increase your income.

I'll also show you where you can contact me directly with any questions you might have. I'll be available to you for three weeks as your 'on-call' tutor.

We're not just talking about where to find good content - you're getting a full walkthrough of how I use 100% free content to leverage my own profits and build my brand.

You'll also get ALL Q&A sheet that shares (anonymously) questions, queries and solutions from other workshop members.

By the time you have completed the workshop you will be able to use content to maximise your sales, grow your business and out-sell your competition, and have the skills and knowledge to do so on an ongoing basis. 

You can't get this information anywhere else or from anyone else...

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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds



  • 3 Module Workshop
  • 3 Weeks Accountability 

*Send me your weekly targets and goals and each week I'll (gently) hold you to account and keep you on track



  • 3 Module Workshop
  • 3 Weeks Accountability 

*Send me your weekly targets and goals and each week I'll (gently) hold you to account and keep you on track

  • One In-Depth Email Appraisal of Your Business or Business Plan

*I'll do a marketing and strategy appraisal and give you my insights into your business (or business plan if you're still at planning stage) suggest changes, offer advice and include my suggested action plan



  • 3 Module Workshop
  • 3 Weeks Accountability 

*Send me your weekly targets and goals and each week I'll (gently) hold you to account and keep you on track

  • One In-Depth Email Appraisal of Your Business or Business Plan

*I'll do a marketing and strategy appraisal and give you my insights into your business (or business plan if you're still at planning stage) suggest changes, offer advice and include my suggested action plan

  • 3 Weeks (Mon-Thurs) Personal one-on-one email mentoring  to help you implement and action this strategy

*This is where we can work together to build the strategies into your business system, ideas and income-generating system. I will personally reply to your emails, advise on strategy, help with your decision making (should you require), evaluate and advise on your sales pages, lead generation processes and any other areas of your business that you wish.

P.S. Remember I'm sharing the secrets, resources and strategies I've always kept closely guarded in the past - what you're about to discover can give you a huge advantage in any niche
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